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Take a look at our past events!

Our work

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Our presenters offering our first Bingo winner with a handmade beet-colored scarf!

The iron-deficiency anemia presentation included an interactive game portion (shown above!)

Senior Home


On October 12th and 21st 2o23, BEAT visited two nursing homes (Brightview Grosvenor and Brightview Woodburn ) to meet with the seniors living at the home. We presented an educational slideshow on iron-deficiency anemia and played a fun game of bingo with the seniors! 

As the elderly are much more susceptible to anemia, this project aimed to increase awareness of the disease in a fun, interactive way!

Brightview Woodburn Presenters: Diya Khetan and Diya Khetan

Not pictured: Brightview Grosvenor Presenter: Divya Subramanian

yogathon 2.0.jpg

March 19th

Yogathon 2.0

In honor of the first event we ever hosted, BEAT is putting on a second Yogathon Saturday, March 19th (the February 12th date has been postponed in favor of this new one)!

We invite you to join us either from the comfort of your home (through Zoom) or in-person (masks required) at Sweetbay Yoga's location at 5456 Westbard Ave, Bethesda, MD 20816.  

Made possible by instructor Laurel Goeke, this opportunity will not only allow you to make a small financial contribution towards our projects (many are detailed below!) but also stretch, exercise, and relax - something we all need with the stresses of COVID-19 still upon us and that can improve our blood circulation, which, conveniently, can help reduce your risk of developing anemia. 

Sign up coming soon!

St.Patrick's Day Fundraiser

Screenshot 2023-12-02 at 9.20.17 AM.png

In April, the two chapters of BEAT Anemia at Wootton and Richard Montgomery conducted a St.Patrick's themed fundraiser at Dawson's Market in Rockville Town Center. 

They baked and sold dozens of iron rich baked goods, such as cookies, brownies, snickerdoodles, etc. 


Expert Panel

On October 24 2020, BEAT hosted an expert panel to help inform the community about climate change and anemia. Our guest speakers were Dr. Kristie Ebi and Dr. Ragu Sanjeev. Dr. Kristie Ebi is an American epidemiologist and a Ted Talk speaker and Dr. Ragu Sanjeev is a physician advisor with Sound Advisory Services.


If you would like a copy of the recording of the expert panel or have any further questions for our experts, click the button below to email us!

Diwali Concert

On ​November 21st from 6-8 PM EST, BEAT held its first ever Diwali concert! Our audience enjoyed listening to music, watching dances, learning about new cultures, laughing with friends and family, and even showcasing their special talents! Keeping in the spirit of the holidays, BEAT is using all proceeds collected from ticket sales to help combat anemia. 

If you missed the Diwali Concert, email us for a copy of the Zoom recording!

BEAT Prenatal Vitamin Photo.jpg

A Closer Look at our Project Vitamin Donation Story!


Our Team

Once we received prenatal vitamins and lactation support from Pink Stork and M.D. Elixir, our team had a socially-distanced meeting prior to delivering prenatal vitamins to our 2 shelters (Bethany House of Northern Virginia and Community of Hope) to organize and prepare the boxes containing the vitamins, place them in one of our member's car (seen in the back), and take some photos! 

From left to right: Divya Subramanian, Sophie Umansky, Keerthi Padmanabhan, Neha Dheen, Ethan Fayne, Shrutha Venkatesan, Nadia Meyerovich 

Project Vitamin

Prenatal Vitamin Drive

In mid to late March of 2021, our organization delivered prenatal vitamins for pregnant mothers who cannot afford/do not have access to vitamins to improve their health during pregnancy. These vitamins have essential nutrients to prevent nutritional deficiencies that could lead to anemia during such a crucial time.

BEAT has partnered up with 2 vitamin companies - MD Elixir and Pink Stork - who are graciously providing us with over $7000 worth of 250 bottles of multivitamins, iron supplements, prenatal vitamins, and lactation supplements/herbal teas to support the diverse needs of pregnant and nursing women at 2 local shelters - Community of Hope in Washington DC and Bethany House of Northern Virginia. 

We are incredibly grateful to all 4 of these partners for working with us to help ensure that low-income pregnant women are able to access the iron levels they and their babies deserve. BEAT encourages you to check each of them out for your own health needs and support them in any way you can!



Nutrition Expert Panel

On January 30, 2021 at 6 PM EST, BEAT is held its second expert panel featuring nutritionists Hannah Byrne and Brooke Mader! They presented their expertise, businesses, and how students can get involved in the field. Additionally, our audience was able to ask questions, ranging from diets that can prevent COVID-19, foods to eat or avoid in regards to anemia and more, and nuanced perspectives on healthcare, and engage in conversation with the experts. 

If you were unable to make it to our expert panel, want to rewatch it, or are new to us and are interested in exploring BEAT's events, click below for the Zoom recording!


BEAT Spelling Bee

BEAT hosted our very first spelling bee for elementary and middle school students on April 24th, 2021 via Zoom at 12:00 PM!

A trophy was given to the winner and participants received a complementary BEAT sticker. 

Congratulations to our winners!! Stay tuned for our upcoming events!


Cereal Drive

BEAT conducted a cereal drive on May 1st with the help of the Giant at Traville with the goal of donating iron-rich cereals to the Shuman Juvenile Detention Center in Pennsylvania! 

Most detention centers have poor food quality - meals are not always frequent enough or do not comprise a variety of types of vitamins and minerals (including iron). Because younger individuals are more susceptible to developing anemia, we wanted to provide a juvenile detention center with iron-rich food to reduce the likelihood of anemia developing in minor detainees. Since cereal is a universal meal and convenient breakfast food option, we coordinated a local cereal drive, where Giant shoppers could learn more about us, the healthiest types of cereals, and graciously donate boxes they bought inside. In the end, we received 94 boxes, which you can see pictures of below!


Take a look at some of the posters we put up!

BEAT Chronic Conditions and Anemia Poster (7) (3).png
Anemia during pregnancy fixed.png
Untitled presentation (1).png
Untitled presentation (1).jpg
Untitled presentation.png
Untitled presentation (2).png

Poster Project

In summer 2021, BEAT created and put up posters about anemia-related information in Primary Care of Silver Spring offices.

Not only is there a general lack of awareness about anemia, but healthcare systems globally are often focused on one chronic illness at a time, ignoring the interrelated nature of health. For example, conditions like pregnancy or illnesses such as ulcers and diabetes can reduce one's iron level and thus increase their likelihood of anemia. However, in treating the main condition, patients and healthcare providers may miss out on side-effects. 

We chose to put up posters in doctor's office to inform patients about anemia so that they could have the resources needed to advocate for their health and make sure that all their conditions are treated. After the posters were placed, we had multiple people scanning the QR codes and even bringing them up during their doctor's appointment, proving that grassroots efforts can make an impact. 

If you represent a healthcare provider and are interested in having BEAT put posters in your office, please reach out to us using the contact button below. 


India Project

Iron Rich Food Donation

On December 20, 2020, BEAT and INTACT (Integrated Action Trust) non-profit organization based in Tamil Nadu, India kicked-off a one year partnership to help two rural villages, Thazh Thoradipattu and Ezhuthur.

The project will involve donating a monthly care package to these communities containing foods fortified with iron and iron supplements.  

Although the project is now over, we are incredibly thankful to INTACT for coordinating this with us and diligently delivering packages for the villagers. We couldn't do it without them, and we encourage you and/or your organization to support them!

textbook fundraiser 1.jpg
textbook fundraiser 2.jpeg

Take a look at BEAT's members standing in front of our book stand!


Top: From left to right is Shrutha Venkatesan, Keerthi Padmanabhan, Neha Dheen, and Cansu Moral 

Bottom: From left to right is Neha Dheen and Divya Subramanian

Textbook Fundraiser

On October 23rd, 2021 at Thomas S. Wootton High School, BEAT hosted a textbook fundraiser to raise money for upcoming plans.   

We offered a wide selection of books to choose from - including AP Review, SAT/ACT prep, children's stories, and more. With the gracious donations of those purchasing books for a much lower cost than the original price, we made over $100!

If you weren't able to make it but are still interested, please reach out to us via email below to talk to us about reserving a book for us to get to you later. 

pumpkin project 1.jpg

Pictured from left to right are a Holy Cross Hospital representative receiving the decorated pumpkins from BEAT founders Neha Dheen and Keerthi Padmanahban

pumpkin project 2.jpg
pumpkin project 3.jpg

Some of the pumpkins we decorated, featuring a dolled up one on top and friendly spider to the right!

Pumpkin Project

Anemia is not an isolated disease: oftentimes, other illnesses, like ulcers, cancer, diabetes, or IBS, can lead to it. Patients who are not aware of this connection can as a result find themselves only being treated for the latter but not diagnosed for the former at all, which is why we focus on grassroots education efforts. 

On November 22nd, 2021, we decided that - to not only inform children at the long-term pediatric division of Holy Cross Hospital but also to bring them cheer during the spirit of Thanksgiving when going outside to see it themselves was not possible - we would decorate mini-pumpkins , add fun facts about anemia, and attach tasty iron-rich dessert recipes (see below!).

holiday fundraiser.jpg

Pictured above are Divya Subramanian (left) and Keerthi Padmanabhan (right) in festive attire as they give a box of a variety of goods to a Stepping Stones representative (center). 

Holiday Homeless Shelter Project

When anemia's main treatment is as 'simple' as an iron-rich diet, one might ask themselves why it continues to be so prevalent. For low-income and homeless populations, accessing meals at all, let alone iron-dense ones, is not always an option, which explains this phenomenon.


As a result, on December 23rd, 2021, BEAT decided to donate to the Stepping Stones homeless shelter in Rockville, MD out of the holiday spirit!

Combining healthy food options with realistic ones is important for us - homeless shelters often need non-perishable goods most, and because they usually don't have a kitchen on site, microwaveable or made-to-eat meals are most ideal. As a result, we chose to purchase cereal, canned chickpeas, fruits like oranges (with their Vitamin C, they're great for iron absorption!) and dried apricots, bread, beets, snack bars, and probiotics; it is our hope that the residents at Stepping Stone found them beneficial. 

This project was made possible due to contributions from donors like you. To continue this type of work, please check out ways to Get Involved!


Hear Your Heart BEAT

Online Yogathon

During this fun and exciting online Yogathon with Sweetbay Yoga, we did as many Sun Salutations as we could and helped those with anemia!  If you missed it, email us for a copy of the Yogathon recording!

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