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Raising Awareness

In order to combat global iron-deficiency anemia, we believe that the public must be well-informed of its symptoms, causes, and treatments.

Despite the fact that anemia affects a staggering 1 out of 4 individuals world-wide, the general population remains in the dark about the disease: in fact, 50% of those with anemia don't realize that they have it. To put it in other words, over one half of anemic individuals will continue to suffer from its symptoms without the knowledge that they have the chronic condition.


If individuals aren't empowered with the information needed to make a potential diagnosis or reach out to a doctor for one, they won't be aware that they have anemia nor know that they need to access treatment.


However, when more of the public learns about anemia, individuals can recognize anemia in themselves, their loved ones, or in members of their community, which allows them to take the first step in the process of treatment. Knowledge truly is power.

As a result, BEAT prioritizes raising awareness about anemia as the first prong of its approach. We utilize several platforms to spread information in the hope that we will be able to reach as many segments of the general population as possible. 

How we raise awareness:

  • Blog Posts

  • Fundraisers

  • India project pamphlets

  • Expert panel

  • Nutrition panel

  • Poster projects 

  • Social media 

Want to hear more about our past projects? Check out our Past Action page here:

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