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Bravely Ending Anemia Together

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Bravely Ending Anemia Together is a non-profit organization that focuses on helping those suffering from anemia by raising awareness of the disease, fundraising, partnering with grocery stores, and providing nutritious foods to women and children in low-income communities and Asian countries. We strive to involve our community in these endeavors so we can end anemia, one step at a time.

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"Anemia affects 24.8% of the global population. "

World Health Organization

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Our Mission

Here at Bravely Ending Anemia Together, we strive to serve women and children in Asian countries who suffer from serious anemic diseases due to the scarcity of nutritional foods. Since our founding in 2020, BEAT works to spread awareness, raise money for research, and deliver foods to underprivileged areas

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A huge thank you to our partners!

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