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My Health, My Responsibility: Find Out if You Have Anemia With a Fingernail Scan ~ Neha Dheen

Are you becoming winded after reaching the top of the stairs or drained after a short walk in the park? These are just a few of the examples of how iron-deficiency anemia can place an overwhelming strain on your daily lifestyle. As this condition prevails, it becomes increasingly crucial that we gain access to resources that allow us to assume responsibility of our own health. While people should continue to turn to their local physician for treatments and guidance, medical professionals are not endlessly available. Therefore, absolute reliance can actually be detrimental as it aggravates feelings of helplessness and vulnerability. Additionally, as Covid-19 maintains its hold on our world, unnecessary trips to the clinic can endanger susceptible patients.

We asked, AnemoCheck delivered.

Sanguina, founded by Erika Tyburski and her dedicated team, strives to empower and educate people about matters concerning their health through accessible technology. Customarily, people are required to go to medical offices for blood work and screenings due to the lack of at-home tests. However, Sanguina rejected this conventional practice with the development of the very first non-invasive hemoglobin estimation app, only 10% less effective than an actual blood test at the doctor's office. This revolutionary tool analyzes color changes of the nail beds to evaluate hemoglobin levels, and stores test history to track progress. Moreover, this tool has universal uses and is perfect for those passionate about health, wellness, and journeying towards a healthy life. Although AnemoCheck cannot detect whether or not someone actually has anemia, it can help people discern if there is a pressing need to receive medical attention, thereby significantly reducing the number of doctor visits. The process to use the app is simple:

  1. Remove nail polish if needed

  2. Curl fingers towards palm and camera so that the first four fingers are visible

  3. Click capture icon

  4. White boxes will automatically appear on fingernails

  5. Drag and drop the white boxes to the center of the fingernails

  6. App will then show the estimated hemoglobin level

Normal hemoglobin level for men: 13.5 to 17.5 g/dL (grams per deciliter)

Normal hemoglobin level for women: 12.0 to 15.5 g/L

AnemoCheck equips us with a simple, straightforward means of practicing a healthy lifestyle available right at our fingertips. AnemoCheck is currently available in the Google Play store and will make its appearance soon to Apple’s App store. The doctor can draw out the map, but only we can steer the ship that is sailing towards our healthy life.

You can find AnemoCheck in the Google Play store HERE.

Check out Sanguina’s website and join their email list to stay updated on their iOS rollout and other product launches.

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