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Fighting Food Insecurity from Afar ~ Keerthi Padmanabhan

Just last week, we launched our first international “give back” project in the rural villages of Thazh Thoradipattu and Ezhuthur in India. This project was done with our partnership which INTACT India, who provided us a connection to the women and children in these villages.

After months of preparation and brainstorming, we designed this project, one in which we decided to provide care packages to children and women who are susceptible to developing nutritional anemia. After consulting physicians for advice regarding the contents of these packages, the BEAT team decided include the following ingredients:


  • Bajra (kambu)

  • Samai

Pulses and Legumes:

  • Cowpea (karamani)

  • Horse Gram (kollu)


  • Turmeric (manjal)

Dry Fruits:

  • Dates

Mandatory Supplements :

  • Vitamin C and Iron

  • Prenatal vitamins ( for pregnant women)

This organization has gained new members and has worked tirelessly to fundraise so projects like these, where we are able to provide food to villages, are possible. The foods that we chose are known to be iron rich and can be easily incorporated in traditional South Indian cooking. With the help of INTACT India, we hope that we alleviate many villagers' current symptoms of, or prevent them from developing, nutritional anemia.

If you keep up with our blogs, you probably are aware of how widespread nutritional anemia is across the world. Indian women and children are also incredibly susceptible to developing nutritional anemia, so we were inspired to help this community.

During this pandemic, it has been difficult to help communities internationally. We are so thankful to have the support of INTACT India to help us with this project, as we are able to help people that are physically far from us. This project is set to last one year (January 2021 – 2022), and care packages will be given monthly!

We are so excited to be able to continue this project into 2021 and we hope we can make an impact on the villagers of Thazh Thoradipattu and Ezhuthur!

Pictures Owned by BEAT and INTACT India

Children of Thazh Thoradipattu and Ezhuthur with BEAT care packages

BEAT care package for children

Women of Thazh Thoradipattu and Ezhuthur with BEAT care packages

BEAT care package for women

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