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Why BEAT Was Created and Why You Should Join ~ Keerthi Padmanabhan

During the COVID-19 outbreak, I discovered that I would often feel extremely dizzy due to the low iron in my body. With more than an ample amount of time on my hands, I decided to research my symptoms and came across the disease, anemia. While I soon discovered that I was not severely anemic, I learned that almost 1/4 of the world suffers from this disease, with the most hard hit areas being Asian countries. Although I am fortunate enough to afford and access nutrient dense foods to better my diet and increase my iron levels, I realized that many are not as lucky. I formed BEAT (Bravely Ending Anemia Together) in order to help those who are desperately in need of nutritious foods and fund research to develop foods with increased nutrients. I invited one of my close friends, Neha Dheen to work with me to achieve this goal, as she too is passionate about this cause. However, we are only two people and we need your help in reaching our goal to combat anemia. Currently, there are a variety of leadership positions open and we are accepting members. (To access the application form, please visit the "Get Involved Page" and click on "Become Part of the Team" which will take you to a Google Form.) We hope you will join us in our endeavors help us bravely end anemia together!

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