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Support Us Through Amazon Smile

Would you like to donate to us at no cost to you? If so, you're in luck!

Recently, we have partnered with Amazon Smile to receive more donations from our supporters. When you shop through Amazon Smile, 0.5% of your eligible purchases are donated to our organization with no additional cost.

In order to support us, make sure to go to and shop through there. There is no difference between shopping through Amazon Smile and Amazon, other than the fact that only Amazon Smile can generate donations from your purchases. The products, prices, company, and layout are all the same.

In the mobile app, make sure to turn on AmazonSmile in Settings to generate donations.

If you're accessing Amazon from an iPad or tablet, use the web browser link instead of the app.

When you're prompted to enter the charity name, enter Bravely Ending Anemia Together. Otherwise, the donations will not generate.

Our charity link for the web version of Amazon is

Remember, only purchases made at, (not or with Amazon Smile turned ON in the Amazon Shopping app on your mobile phone will generate Amazon Smile donations.

With this, we’ll be able to fundraise money to bring more fun events and panels to you!

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